Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Miracles / Divine Intervention

This post is for people who look at my stance that God doesn't defy the laws of physics and go "Yes He DOES!" If you have actual evidence, feel free to post it here. I'll have a look at it, and so will others, and we'll comment on it. This is a reasonableness-based blog, so you may get people disagreeing with you about the authenticity (and if any atheists come on here, you probably will get some disagreement, and I'll be perfectly willing to point out anything that seems unlikely myself). But at least that gives you a place to dispute my claim that God doesn't muck with physics if you want to.

"Miracles" of the coincidental variety are not what we're looking for here - I've already suggested a way of accounting for almost astronomically improbable coincidences, and any atheists are just going to go "Coincidences can actually be coincidences sometimes, you know!" But if you have something truly unbelievable, feel free to say so.

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