Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm back

Some may be wondering why I've been mysteriously silent for two weeks (I'm not normally silent :) ) I've been on a holiday to Europe (London, Copenhagen and Paris). But I'm back now. It will be a few days before I get everything in order and have time to blog (there is no food in the fridge and I have no clean clothes) but I'm looking forward to responding to the comments I've received. I've only skimmed them while away, but they seem very thoughtful (thanks for putting in the work) and interesting, and I'm just itching to respond. Priorities, though. Unfortunately I have to pay bills and wash clothes...

Back in a few days :)

UPDATE: I'm going to hold off on new blog entries until I've responded to Brian's comments on this post and Jackie's comments on this post, as they have lots of material to go through.


Eugenie said...

Hey Myron, just found out you had a blog. And you just went on a trip. :p

Myron said...

Yeah, I didn't really think it prudent to publish the fact my home would be empty for two weeks all over the Internet, which is why I didn't blog about it beforehand. I thought I had told you, though... about the blog and the trip, actually... anyway, my apologies.